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Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

´╗┐Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

The dry foam procedure is mostly rather than dry as the name infers, although the content of moistureis so low that it can actually be referred to as dryfoam (90% air - 10% liquid). The dry foam machineis equipped with a pressure tank, which you willpour a solution of water and shampoo into.

A compressor will work to convert the solution intofoam which is then dispensed all over the carpetusing a revolving cylindrical brush. The brush willwork to comb the foam through the piles of the carpet so that each individual fiber of the carpetis cleaned.

To achieve success, you must make sure that thebubbles being produced are of uniformed size so thefoam can complete the cleaning process before itis dispersed. Once it has dried, the carpet isthen thoroughly vacuumed to remove the dried crystalsof dirt that have been left behind.

Below, are the steps to the dry foam procedure: 1. First of all, vacuum the carpet and remove all the stains that you possibly can. 2. Mix the dry foam solution according tothe directions of the manufacturer. 3. Shampoo the carpet then once it has dried,vacuum the carpet. 4. Depending on the type of carpet youhave, groom the pile to speed the drying process. 5. Complete the work by using a furnitureleg pad or block to eliminate furniture stainsor rust.

AdvantagesThe process of dry foam cleaning is capable ofcovering a lot of area in a very short amount oftime. There isn't really any danger involved insaturating the carpet simply because the moisturecontent is low. This will also help you to minimize the problems that are commonly associatedwith over wetting.

DisadvantagesThe dry foam method is capable of removing averagelevels of soil. There is however a possibility ofexcessive residue and soil build up if the machineyou are using has inadequate extraction capabilities.

Dry foam is the ideal method of choice if you haveolder carpet if you want to get your carpet as cleanas possible. You can rent a machine at your localdepartment or carpet store if you don't think you'lluse it enough to buy it. They don't cost that much to rent, which is great for those who justwant to give it a shot and see what happens.

Dry foam carpet cleaning isn't that hard to do,as you'll be fine even if you have no experiencewith these types of machines. The above informationwill help you greatly, and if you follow it, youshouldn't have any problems. Dry foam can make acarpet look spectacular, as long as you followthe manufacturers directions on mixing the dryfoam solution. Once you've finished cleaning yourcarpet with dry foam, you'll probably find yourselffalling in love with the results.

Seattle Laughter is Good Medicine

´╗┐Seattle Laughter is Good Medicine

It is said that laughter really is the best medicine. If that is the case then Seattle should be a pretty healthy city. There is plenty of laughter to be had in this great city and even more to be shared with those who choose to visit. If you are planning a trip to Seattle Washington, be sure to check out the many comedy clubs that can be found throughout the city.

There are at least three of these comedy clubs that stand out and make a lasting impression. The first one is Comedy Underground. With locations in both Seattle and Tacoma you can pretty much take your pick between whichever one has the comedian you are most interested in seeing perform. The clubs actually have a fairly impressive menu and you are allowed to eat during the show. Just make sure that your food doesn't smell too good or the comedian might heckle you. The really good news is that Comedy Underground is open 7 nights a week with several open mic nights when you can see local talent. Those are often the most interesting to watch. Tickets can be purchased for reasonable prices; especially during open mic nights and the performances are a lot of fun to watch. This is a great way to spend an evening and bring a date.

Giggles Comedy Night Club is the next one on my list. This club is only open Thursday through Sunday nights and has a one-drink minimum when there is a headliner and a two-drink minimum on open mic nights. Giggles features acts that you may have seen around a bit rather than only offering local talent. The comedy is good and the drinks are better. This is a great place to go and bring a group of friends along. The more the merrier when it comes to comedy, laughter, and liquor. Just remember to appoint a designated driver or have other plans for your ride home.

Now we get to the Jet City Improv. The Jet City Improv has grown and expanded over time and is now one of the most popular theatre experiences in the Seattle area. One of the great things about these shows is that they are suitable for all ages. So this is a more family friendly environment than most other comedy clubs in the area. The entire show is improvised nightly based on audience participation and suggestions. This is one of the most hilarious theatre experiences you can possibly imagine. And the more you can imagine the funnier it will get. I seriously recommend that you bring some Advil or some other sort of pain medicine along with you, as your sides will hurt before the night is over.

Whether you are a serious fan of comedy or someone who is only interested because it is a liver performance, I think you will be surprised by how much fun you have at any one of these three locations. My personal favorite is the improv but this is solely based on the audience participation factor and the fact that you pretty much know what to expect when going in. You never know what you are going to get when you hit an open mic night at some comedy clubs-sometimes the show is wonderful and sometimes the show is not so wonderful. The important thing is that you laugh often and you laugh well.